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In Huntersville, NC, maintaining a healthy home environment is crucial, especially when dealing with insulation or fungus issues. That’s where comes in. As a detail-oriented crawl space contractor, we prioritize your interests. Our dedicated team strives to provide effective moisture and mold removal solutions that stand the test of time. Recognizing the importance of a clean and dry crawl space is the first step toward ensuring the longevity and safety of your home’s foundation and air quality.

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Ignoring crawl space problems can lead to serious consequences, including compromised structural integrity and poor indoor air quality. offers a range of services designed to address these issues head-on. Our crawl space encapsulation service is a preventive measure that protects your home from moisture by sealing it off from the earth. Additionally, our insulation installation helps maintain your home’s temperature, reducing energy costs. Installing a crawl space dehumidifier further controls moisture levels, preventing mold growth.

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With over 22 years of experience in the industry, has the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to improve your indoor air quality and remove mold from your home. Our comprehensive approach addresses the root causes of crawl space issues. We offer long-lasting solutions to homeowners in and near Huntersville, NC. Choosing as your crawl space contractor means opting for a healthier, safer living environment.

Our Full Range of Services

We perform an inspection to measure dew point readings and moisture content in wood.

Crawlspace Restoration

Keep a pleasant indoor temperature while reducing your electricity bill with our help.

Insulation Installation

Installing a dehumidifier in your crawl space can decrease moisture and improve air quality.

Dehumidifier installation

Our experts have the training and equipment needed to remove mold and repair the damage.

Fungal Remediation

Beyond foundation sealing, we also provide expert vent sealing services.

Foundation Vent Sealing

Comprehensive structural repair solutions to both residential and commercial properties.

Structural Repair

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